Integral dx Fun Facts:
1. Adding our Spray Paving attachment does not void your warranty. Our attachment is an OEM approved addition! 2. Asphalt is America’s most recycled product. According to the National Asphalt Pavement Association, the asphalt industry recycles 99% of all asphalt used in the U.S.! 3. Our Spray Paving System eliminates drivers disturbing tack after it is applied, preventing wasted product and passing traffic creating a mess. 4. There is roughly 4.18 million miles of road in the United States, according to the Federal Highway Administration. Over 90% of these miles are paved with Asphalt! 5. Our latest Spray Paver attachment includes an upgrade to our sensor system, adding 4 additional sensors giving real-time feedback. 6. Texas has the most miles of road at approx. 679,917 and the District of Columbia has the least miles at 3,454. (Federal Highway Administration)
Integral dx - A diverse family of products to meet your needs - Spray Paver - Easi-Miner - Concrete Truck Mixer - All-Terrain Derrick - Beet Piler

Pave at Your Own Pace

Our OEM approved Spray Paving unit can keep up to your crew whether paving city streets or large highways. Check out our Spray Paver product page for more details.

Video shows company paving at ~80 ft/min

Join us at MINExpo 2021 this September!

Our staff will be at booth S24747 ready to answer your questions on our Surface Miner

RVI staff will be on site to assist with your Custom Cable, Wire Harness and Control Box Assembly needs

SpecSys staff will be on site to assist with your contract Manufacturing and Engineering needs

Join us at MINExpo 2021 booth S24747 this September
Concrete Truck Mixer

New Release Drilly Goat loose in the Black Hills

Tested and proven in the mountainous regions of South Dakota, the All-Terrain Derrick digger gives you the ability to reach the jobsites that were previously unworkable with standard equipment. Side-to-side frame leveling capabilities combined with 4-wheel and crab steering gives this machine climbing skill that is comparable to a mountain goat. With optional attachments, earth auger, personnel bucket, two winches and a steel blade, the ATD is equipped to get your job done without the need for multiple machines.

We’ve got one Drilly Goat running through the mountainous hills of South Dakota and are looking to release more, and help your team leave no jobsite untouched.

New Spray Paver, Commissioned in Michigan

We recently spent some time in Mackinac County, Michigan, with Alta Equipment, delivering & training them on their first Volvo Spray Paving unit.

Our innovative & cost-effective paving solution, helps build safer roads by creating a rock solid bond. Made up of 7 key components, our spray paver gives you precision control over your machine & the application process. Thousands of miles have already been paved with the Integral dx spray paving system. According to the Missouri Department of Transportation, using a spray paving system provides a 73% reduction on transverse cracking & 83% reduction in longitudinal cracking. Plus our system fits onto your already existing paver making the switch a no-brainer!

Keep your jobs running smooth, no matter the site or machine. Choose the Integral Spray Paving Attachment.

Our Story

At Integral dx we produce OEM products and approved attachments. Also providing parts and customer service support for our products.

Originally established to help dealers meet the growing needs of their consumers. Integral dx has become adept at providing OEM products tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Under it’s larger corporate structure we have a 20+ year history, 250+ employees, several locations spanning across three states.

Today Integral dx offers a family of products designed and built to meet the real life needs and challenges out in the field.

At Integral dx we produce OEM products and approved attachments
Individualized Needs

Individualized Needs?

To fit your specific needs, we can offer customization. Our sales department can offer in-field support to enable us to define and meet your specifications to help you meet your special equipment requirements.

Click here to email our sales staff for more information or give us a call at (320) 435-0003!

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